Dual Language Program

Dual Language Program

The School District of Waukesha (SDW) Dual Language (DL) Programs, also known as two-way developmental enrichment programs, allow students to develop proficiency in two languages by receiving instruction in English and in Spanish.  The SDW Dual Language classrooms are comprised of half native English Speakers and half Spanish speakers. Dual Language Programs provide both sets of students with ample exposure to two languages, allowing them to progress academically in both languages and gain an appreciation of another culture. 

In Kindergarten, ninety percent of the classroom instruction will be in Spanish. The percentage of English instruction will increase each year until 4th & 5th grades when they will receive 50% of their classroom instruction in both languages. A DL Program provides our English speaking children the opportunity to learn a second language, through academic content, alongside native Spanish speaking peers. Spanish speaking children have the opportunity to be instructed with English speaking student models, while developing their language skills through academic content. Both groups will benefit from the multicultural aspect of the program.

The goals of the Dual Language Programs are biliteracy and multiculturalism.

ü  Biliteracy:  The goal of the program is for students to become proficient on grade level curriculum in both English and Spanish by the end of fifth grade.

ü  Multiculturalism: The goal of the program is to enhance students’ cross-cultural understanding.

This district program is currently offered at Banting Elementary and Bethesda Elementary for those children who will be in 5 year old kindergarten or 1st grade (Banting).

Is my child a match for the program?

Parents who are considering a Dual Language Program for their child are advised to consider the following guiding questions:

  • Does my child express interest in learning another language?
  • Is my child’s native language developing within normal limits?
  • Does my child appreciate differences in others?
  • Does my child thrive in social situations?
  • Is my family prepared to make a six-year commitment to dual language?

2014-2015 Dual Language Two Way Brochure - English version

If you are interested in the Dual Language program, please fill out the application below and return by April 11, 2014:
Dual Language Application.doc

Non-residents of Waukesha please apply for Open Enrollment:

For more information about the Dual Language Program, please contact D Garcia at 262.970.1018 or via e-mail at dmgarcia@waukesha.k12.wi.us
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