At Risk Programs

Some students are or become at-risk of not graduating from high school. To be classified as at-risk, a student must be in grades 5-12 and either be a dropout or are two or more of the following:

  • One or more years behind their age group in the number of high school credits earned
  • Two or more years behind their age group in basic skill levels
  • Habitual truant (absent from school without acceptable excuse for part or all of 5 days or more in a semester)
  • A parent
  • Adjudicated delinquents
  • An 8th grade student who is below the basic level on state examinations, and failed to be promoted to the 9th grade.

The district has a variety of programs and services for At-Risk students. Contact your school principal or guidance counselor as the first source of information.

High-risk students, although not identified as such in state statute, may also include students who are frequently suspended, abused or neglected, disabled, homeless, in foster or group home care, students returning from community-based treatment or hospital programs, and students living with persons other than their parent/guardian. Services for at-risk students include school counseling, school social work, extra help from teachers, alternative programs both in the school as well as off-campus, community-based programs. The district contracts with the technical school and other community-based organizations for many of these services.

For further information and resources regarding At-Risk and/or Alternative Programs please contact Sharon Thiede, Director of Student Services 262-970-1484 or email or Joe Koch, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, 262-970-1102 or e-mail

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