Regular Transportation

The School District of Waukesha transports approximately 6,500 regular education students and about 400 special education students in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. First Student will provide bus services pursuant to a contract with the board of education.  Transportation is provided to students living two miles or more from their school. The District also provides transportation for parochial and private school students as required by State Statutes.

There are attendance areas designated for each of our 15 elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools.  Contact Evonne Johnson at 262-970-1150 or at for additional information about these attendance areas or for questions about transportation. 

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Pay To Ride

If families who reside within two miles of their home school are interested in a Pay-to-ride transportation option and have not yet completed an application, please download and complete the Pay to Ride Application Applications must be returned to Evonne in the transportation department. 

Pay-to-ride slots are dependent on having available open seats on the bus so application approval could take a couple weeks once school starts. Parents should have alternate transportation plans in place until they are notified of availability. The cost of an available slot is $65 each way per semester.

Special Ed Transportation

In addition to the regular transportation provided to all eligible students, transportation as a related service is an important component of the program for many students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are entitled to this related service only if it has been determined by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team that transportation is necessary for the student to benefit from special education.

Transportation is included as a related service when the IEP team determines it is necessary for the child to benefit from special education. The IEP team includes the parent as a required participant. Normally, students placed by the district outside their attendance area school are provided transportation. Other areas looked at by IEP teams include: medical and health needs, student's needs for adaptive or assistive equipment, student's capacity - ability to arrive at school on time, avoid getting lost, avoid dangerous traffic situations, and avoid other potentially dangerous or exploitative situations on the way to and from school, behavioral issues, and other program related areas (transition, etc.).

Questions about transportation for special education students can be addressed by contacting your child's special education teacher, school principal, or Evonne Johnson at the Lindholm Administration building at 262-970-1150; or e-mail

Transportation Request Form

In order to improve transportation for all students, families attending private, parochial and select public schools will need to complete the Transportation Request Form. For returning families, this form will need to be submitted every year by June 15 in order to be properly routed by the first day of school. This will allow the bus company to efficiently route families that intend to use the bus. This form can be submitted by mail, fax, email and online.

Unusually Hazardous Transportation

State law requires that students, both public and private school students, who live more than 2 miles from the school they are eligible to attend be transported to and from school.  The only exception would be a district that invokes the "city option" through use of a common carrier.  In addition, some students who live within 2 miles but their route to school has been deemed to be "unusually hazardous," must be transported if there is not another way to remove the hazard (for example, the addition of a crossing guard).  In recent years, it has been suggested by auditors and DPI that these areas be consolidated into one document, studied and updated, and be made publicly available.  That process has been worked on for the past year in cooperation with our transportation contractor, the Waukesha County Sheriff (click here to see letter), and the schools affected. 

To view a copy of the UHT Plan, dated January 2013, please click here.

Sheriff Department studies and opinions may be requested by parents, citizens, or the School District of Waukesha.  Some Sheriff Department opinions are given by phone calls, email, and/or by more detailed studies.  If a parent or citizen wishes a study, they may contact the School District of Waukesha at 262-970-1105.  To view a copy of recent Waukesha County Sheriff's Department Studies for the recent UHT Plan, please
click here.

For questions or concerns, please contact Evonne Johnson at 262-970-1150 or email at

Printable Forms:

2015-16 Welcome Letter / School Bus Rules

Pay to Ride Application

Transportation to Alternate Location
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Transportation Request

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Waukesha High School

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