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Charles Z. Horwitz

Located in the Retzer Nature Center


Private Group Programs

Special Private Group Programs:

$5.00 per person

To make your reservations:
Please Call
(262) 970-4139

The Retzer Nature Center

Twice the Value!
Horwitz Planetarium programs can be combined with those of Retzer Nature Center
 for a complete  experience.  Just one bus trip is required.

Call Retzer Nature Center:
(262) 896-8007

Our original Spitz star projector

What is a Planetarium?

The planetarium is a multi-media sky-theater.  The main instrument is a DigiStar 6 projection system.  It can project an image of the day or night sky on the underside of a dome-shaped ceiling.  The planetarium serves as a resource for students, teachers , and community.  For details see our home page.  

See School Programs section.
The programs offered will be the same.